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Sanity Deficient Kid

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the blogger
im currently feeling...

call me Ryzah

please do pronounce it as REEZA. tenksh! nursing student. Cebu City. misses high school. dying to get out.

the smile appears
strawberry-melon shake. vanilla ice cream. white roses. white cats. labrador retrievers. pugs. cool avatars. beach!!! tv/movies!!!

tv addict
ALIAS. CSI. Joan of Arcadia. One Tree Hill. Desperate Housewives. Veronica Mars. Ed. Pimp My Ride. Punk'd. Spongebob. Shaman King. Lost.

get into the movies
harry potter. the count of monte cristo. city of angels. cruel intentions. shrek. finding nemo. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. constantine. star wars. beautiful mind. forrest gump. mean girls. proof.

great reads
the da vinci code. angels and demons. digital fortress. the alchemist. catcher in the rye. on the bright side i'm now the girlfriend of a sex god. the other daughter. veronica decides to die. harry potter. twisted. those by john grisham.

Dissociative Identity

stare into my eyes
this insanity never dies
look into my soul
a spot, a big hole

hold my hand gently
feel the uncertainty
listen to my voice
hear the loud pleading noise

grin amidst my scowl
laughter despite a howl
unaware of my hidden intentions
beneath my chaste deception

Panic Attacks
moving out
feeling crappy
Regret's Bitter Cry
eMo mOde
cuRiosity oveRcaMe me...
untamed freedom
Creative Cloning
seduction of the sea

I'm Hearing Voices

sPeaK up!!!

My Obsession

mah muzik
hands down by dashboard confessional bend and not break by dashboard confessional i write my soul rock on!!! \m/ emo yeah?! tell me about it! believe me wiNgs i deseRve to haVe the dreamer Image hosted by Image hosted by

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A Dose of Sanity

Angelic Shrinks

add me in yaR fweNdster!!
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Let's play Twenty Questions. :)

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moving out

i'm starting a new blog.

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feeling crappy

words are useless.
they cannot define
nor give
the slightest justification
to what i feel.
or not feel.
nothing can.
when the letters
form into words and start
to make sense,
you make me realize
how clumsy i have been.
so inept.
then the words
evolve into a
impossibly rare.
only through my heart
could i understand.
but not really.
truth sets in.
and i have
to close my eyes
just to plainly see
this deception.
digital fortress.
deceiving myself. blinded
by mere dreams
of perfection.
and your
promising smile
which wasn't
really meant for me
to start with.

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Regret's Bitter Cry

all has been said and done
just as i feared.
you went out of sight
as fast as you appeared.

you went out that door
without any lame excuse
which, as consolation,
my bruised heart could use.

all i can hear is the fading voice
of your resounding lies,
singing in rough chorus
their mocking goodbyes.

and all i can see is the vague silhouette
of the memories we've shared,
fading into the dark night
as i regretfully stared.

it has been a long time since i posted something. but now, i feel pretty dismayed instead of rejoicing because i have spared myself some time and returned to the blogging world. hah!

wait. i've got to get over myself!

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eMo mOde


ive been trying to post something in this blog, but i just cant get my thoughts quite right. i dont know why, maybe because ive been really busy lately. heck, i dont know.


it really feels good to scream. i wish i could just scream and all of my problems would go away, but unfortunately, reality seeps in. and it bites!


missed the hale concert yesterday. i feel bad.


why am i so emo all of a sudden?!?

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